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We offer a selection of Fabric Light Boxes that are great for getting the attention of people passing by your business. We can use your art files or design your Advertising Flag for you. We offer a nice variety of sizes.

Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we will have someone get back to you with any questions you may have regarding our Falcon Flags or any of our other products.

Fabric Light Boxes

Our LED Fab boxes feature a back-lit fabric that tucks into the edges of the frame for a tight and clean look.

The aluminum casing is heavy duty and is equipped for wall mount display.

Model# Graphic Size Description Price
DBAFS1 32" X 40" Large - Graphic Only $108.00
DBAFS2 32" X 40" Large - Full Product (Includes Light) $490.00

Whistler Fabric Light Box

Looking for a compact backlit display? Be the coolest kid on the block showing off this beauty with the flip of a switch, literally.

The aluminum frame has been designed for easy assembly. Connect with a flip-lock mechanism. With the rubber beading, sewn on the edge of the fabric graphics, simply push the edges into the frame’s recessed grooves to install. Removable graphics allows you to keep the frame and replace new graphics as desired.

Model# Graphic Size Description Price
DBAFS3 30.75” W x 78” H Single Sided - Printed Banner Only $174.00
DBAFS4 30.75” W x 78” H Double Sided - Printed Banner Only $384.00
DBAFS5 30.75” W x 78” H Single Sided - Graphic Package $1,372.00
DBAFS6 30.75” W x 78” H Double Sided - Graphic Package $1,546.00
DBAFS7 30.75” W x 78” H Whistler Fabric Light Box - Frame Only $1,198.00